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General Election news

People right across South Tyneside have the opportunity to vote Green at the General Election on December 12th

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Sarah McKeown for South Shields says:

"I'm honoured to have been selected by South Tyneside Green Party as the candidate for South Shields in the general election on 12th December.

Never has being in the Green Party been more important. Never has there been a greater need for respect: to respect our environment, respect all species and respect each other and our right to exist in our beautiful world. Facing a climate crisis, more than ever there is an urgent need for change. Together, I want to fight for a better alternative. We can no longer rely on an outdated political and economic system.

Having been in the Green Party for the past ten years, I have been impressed by the tireless efforts of members and never more so than working with the South Tyneside Green Party, who have been able to affect real positive change at a local level for people in the community.
From their work to elect the first Green councillor, to securing a declaration of Climate Emergency by the council, to the support of local people in the fight to maintain comprehensive services at the local hospital, to the fight against menstruation poverty and litter picks on the beaches to name just a few campaigns.
They have had a widespread beneficial effect on the day-to-day lives of local people. This work would be fundamental to a campaign for a parliamentary candidate and if successful I would prioritise supporting this work and enabling it to grow.

Personally I've always been passionate about challenging inequality, be that between nations, ethnicities, gender or class, our world is very divided and there is often a great gap between the experiences, opportunities, health and happiness of different people. In the northeast of England this is often all too apparent. Climate change will not only deepen inequalities it is also currently the greatest threat to us all. Science tells us that the climate predictions may have been conservative and that the rate of change in many areas is accelerating at an alarming rate. Right now the Amazon is burning in a record number of forest fires (double the record just six years ago) and this following an aggressive increase in logging and deforestation under the present administration. We have to act globally. Now is not the time to be squabbling over varying degrees of autonomy, we should be working together and not allowing ourselves to become distracted from the seriousness of global climate change.

As a teacher and a parent I am worried for the next generation and feel guilt about what we are leaving them. I'm also frustrated that the full impact of what they are facing is not taken seriously by those in power. However there are reasons to be positive. There is a changing tide with more and more people understanding the gravity of the situation and becoming equally concerned. Unfortunately diversionary tactics employed by those in power, coupled so often with egoism and career politics are distracting from the real issues.

I want to see real change at a local and national level. Politics is political, it's complicated, especially where ambition, money and power come into play, but it's important to have integrity, keep a clear head, be honest, and always be mindful of the wishes of the people you serve. With this approach I would work for real change for South Shields which improves the lives of people and our environment, for the benefit of this and future generations. Thank you"


James Milne for Jarrow says:

"I'm honoured to have been selected by South Tyneside Green Party as the candidate for Jarrow in the general election on 12th December.

I've long been inspired by the Jarrow March; ordinary people marching to London, calling on Parliament to properly provide for their community. More than 80 years later, I want to use the opportunity of this election to call on both local and national government to do the same; the people of Jarrow need good jobs in a new zero carbon economy; the North East in general and the Jarrow area in particular is bursting at the seams with the engineering experience to make this a reality, and the Green Party are ready to fund it - We want to see the Government provide for this community.

In my job in the construction industry, I've been involved in the refurbishment of South Shields Town Hall and the work at Temple Park Leisure Centre. This included being seconded to South Tyneside Council for a while, so I've seen first hand the pressures Council Officers are under, and how many vital Council systems and services have been outsourced to the private sector. I'm proud to have played a part in the campaign to get Cllr David Francis elected to South Tyneside Council back in May. It's an honour to represent that same Green team of people who are working so hard for residents across the borough, to bring positive change to the Council.

This is the first time in the UK that the environmental crisis we're facing is getting anywhere near the attention it deserves in an election campaign. It's important that the people in this community who care passionately about this issue have a way to register their views in this election. If that's you, I'm honoured to stand to ensure you can join with hundreds of thousands of other people across the UK to make it clear that we can't wait for the government to act on this emergency anymore. The best way for us in the North East to make this clear statement is to vote Green, so that we send as strong a message to Parliament as the Jarrow Marchers did back in 1936.

Thank you for your time and consideration."

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