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Candidate's supporting statement

I am proud to have been selected as the Green Party candidate for Cleadon Park. I have lived with my wife in the Cleadon area for most my life bringing up our two daughters who both work for the NHS.

I am standing because I think we need a new voice on a council that has lost its way and needs a new direction for the future. The Greens can provide a safe and sustainable vision of that future that ensures the council acts for the common good.

We were really encouraged by support for the Greens in last year’s local elections and have been working hard for the area since then.

One threat facing the whole borough is the proposed downgrading of the A&E department in South Tyneside Hospital. This would result in people from Cleadon Park having to be transported to Sunderland for urgent care, taking extra vital minutes and endangering lives. The Labour council gave the nod to closing the Jarrow walk in centre and must not be allowed to do the same to our local A&E.

In talking to residents, littering is a big problem blighting streets, parks and paths. I have seen this at first hand while volunteering to clean up Cleadon Park. I often filled a carrier bag with discarded bottles and cans as I walked home past Cleadon Water Tower. We believe in leading by example and have worked in partnership with local residents and community groups to perform regular litter picks to try and help tackle litter.

I am sure residents in Cleadon Park share our frustration with the misguided and costly 365 regeneration project, while King Street and market becomes increasingly dilapidated. The Council thinks another supermarket will attract people and tourists to the town, when this is the last thing small businesses need.

We are committed to supporting local businesses, by campaigning for reduced business rates and rents to allow smaller businesses to flourish, keeping money circulating in the local economy rather than being sucked out of the area.

One party holding 52 of the 54 council seats is not a healthy position, making it difficult for anyone with alternative ideas to have their voices heard.

So if people want a fairer society, working in the interests of the many rather than the few, voting Green on the 5th May can start to make this happen.


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