South Tyneside Green Party | David Francis for Westoe Councillor



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Candidate's supporting statement

I am delighted to have been selected as the Green Party candidate for Westoe Ward in the local elections. I live in Westoe with my wife and stepson and have worked for a local authority in an educational role since 1999.

I am standing as a candidate because I wish to have a positive impact on the local area and help create a better future for Westoe.

We were really encouraged by support for the Greens in last year’s local elections and have been working hard for the area since then.

In talking to other local residents, the same issues come up time and again. People want something done about litter in our streets, back lanes and parks. They are frustrated with the extensive and costly 365 regeneration project, while King Street becomes increasingly dilapidated, and they feel that a small number of people have been in power, unchallenged for too long.

We have worked in partnership with local residents and community groups to perform regular litter picks to try and help tackle litter.

We are committed to supporting local businesses, by campaigning for business rate subsidies to allow smaller businesses to flourish, rather than building new premises for big businesses, who lose interest when profits fall.

Perhaps most importantly, we agree with many other residents that for one party to hold 52 of the 54 council seats creates an uneven playing field, making it difficult for anyone with alternative ideas to have their voices heard.

I am optimistic that the Green Party will play a significant role in creating a fairer society, in the interests of the many rather than the few. This can begin at a local level. If you would like to help create a better future for South Tyneside please consider voting Green on the 5th May.