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Candidate's supporting statement

I am proud to have been selected to stand for the Green Party in Fellgate and Hedworth. I have three main reasons for standing in this election. Firstly, I wholeheartedly believe that there has to be an alternative to the politics of austerity. To vote Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat in the coming election is to vote for a political narrative which seeks to blame ordinary people for the current economic climate, and to make those least able to defend themselves bear the greatest burden in repairing the economy. I hope, like me, you were shocked and angered by the announcement in the budget, that the Tories plan for recovery involved further cuts to a Welfare system already cut to the bone, and feel that there must be an alternative to this. Fairness is at the heart of Green Party values, and that's why I'm proud to be a member of the party, and to be standing in this election.

Secondly, I currently work for the Citizens Advice Bureau. I see, day after day, the damage that the austerity narrative is wreaking on the disabled, the old and the vulnerable. I experience at first hand the effects of cuts in vital local services. I believe that only Green Party policies can protect the most vulnerable in our society from a political elite in Westminster who seek to demonise and penalise them. On a daily basis I assist clients to resolve their problems with the Council, the DWP, HMRC etc. I will be pleased to use this experience as a councillor to help the people of Fellgate and Hedworth resolve their real, practical, day to day problems.

I also volunteer as a coach for a local grassroots football club. I believe that initiatives like this are very important for the health and wellbeing of children in South Tyneside, and I will make it a priority, if elected, to promote and assist clubs who offer low cost access to sporting activities for all age groups.

Finally, politics for me is not an abstract game or a subject to be studied on the way to a career climbing the slippery pole of Westminster politics. Politics for me means that when my wife (a Nurse Practitioner) goes to work every day, she goes to work in a hospital owned wholly by the public, where treatment is free at the point of use. Politics for me means that my older child goes to a school which is properly resourced and where every child is valued. Politics for me is my children growing up in a country where, if they want to go on to further education, they do not have to plunge themselves into debt to do so.

Vote Green, and vote for real change on May 5th.