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Candidate's supporting statement

I am a retired Primary School Teacher with strengths in Early Years Foundation Stage and also a Music Specialist. My mantra is that all children should have the right to the opportunity to excel in whatever area their talents lie. Sadly, very young children are being forced into academic boxes, being made to feel like failures instead of being celebrated and encouraged to explore their individuality. A broad curriculum gives the means to explore talents and opportunity to shine whilst celebrating success. The many cuts in education have meant that subjects like art and music are no longer valued. Teachers are struggling with large classes and being overburdened with a mass of paperwork due to league tables and constant testing of children. Testing children does not improve their knowledge: it reduces the time available to teachers for actual teaching. Testing Nursery children is the most recent suggestion by the government. It is time consuming and unnecessary. Some classes are taught by assistants where the school is unable to afford a qualified teacher. There is talk of headmasters of Academies being able to appoint teachers who do not have Qualified Teacher Status. The education system is destined to become another privatised venture by this government, where the schools that are more affluent will have the best of everything.

The Green Party would scrap tuition fees, reduce paperwork for teachers and bring schools back to local authority control. The Green Party will end testing, ban league tables and promote smaller class sizes enabling teachers to deliver a broad, balanced curriculum. In the past year I have been involved in campaigning to save the Jarrow Walk-in Centre. I am still involved with a campaign to try to reinstate it. There are many issues I notice around the Primrose area. One of which is the litter problem and another is the state of many of the green spaces. Greenery has gone wild and looks uncared for. I will be trying to promote a pride in our environment and would be interested to hear views on any issues from the people who live here. 


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