South Tyneside Green Party | Phil Berry for Cleadon & East Boldon Councillor



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Candidate's supporting statement

I have lived both East Boldon and Cleadon for over 25 years and I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to stand for the Green party in this ward. I feel certain I can be a worthy representative for the citizens of these two villages. The residents of the villages clearly care for their surroundings but having spoken to a number of constituents it seems that problems around parking for East Boldon metro and shops as well as recent decline in the Metro service are issues that resonate. I would prioritise these issues as well as try to arrange for the installation of outdoor gym equipment at parks in the two villages so that they could be more useful to a wider age range than at present.

I am a cancer research scientist at Newcastle University and experienced first hand how funding for medical research and NHS services have been reduced during the Tory government. Pressure on wages has reduced people's ability to support charities which have been trying to fill the gaps in difficult circumstances but all the while major corporations and wealthy individuals are able to avoid paying their fair share in taxes. The fact that many politicians in Westminster have never really experienced life in the real world, or had what most people would term a real job I think makes them poorly able to represent the electorate, yet they are comfortable with carrying out second jobs for big business who are effectively buying their influence and often result in seats in the house of lords for big party donors. This system is rotten, and I believe the Green party which is structured in a truly democratic manner, and funded by smaller donations from individuals who believe in the policies of the party rather than a handful of very wealthy individuals who donate with the aim of getting something in return, is exactly what is required to bring politics into the 21st century and finally be a party in government, rather than a party "in power". The political elite must be reminded that the "power" is in the hands of the electorate and they should be carrying out the wishes of the electorate, not creating highly secretive trade agreements which permit corporations to sue the government behind closed doors if laws change to reduce profits, and selling off valuable national assets without a mandate.

Despite what some mainstream media would say (coincidentally owned by very wealthy political party donors) austerity has failed the majority of the population but a small number of already rich people have managed to increase their profits by exploiting a desperate workforce in terrible zero hours contracts, and the green party positive ideas for how situations such as these can be turned around with the basic citizens income. On the 5th of May, there is an opportunity to vote for a party looking to the future and trying to be more representative of the electorate, instead of a bunch of similarly brought up millionaires who don't understand the lives of normal people and are often just feathering their own nests.

Vote Green, and vote for real change on 5th May.