South Tyneside Green Party | Steven Richards for Hebburn North Councillor




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Candidate's supporting statement

I am proud and extremely honoured to be representing Hebburn North for the Green Party. I have lived in Hebburn for the past eight years with my partner and daughter.

I work as an Electronic wireman, and working in a factory where the workforce has been cut from 82 to 15, I have seen the effect of the government’s austerity measures on the average working person, and what the lack of spending on infrastructure, NHS and welfare does to a community.

I strongly believe in the Green Party’s pledge to increase the minimum wage to £10 per hour, as well as securing affordable social housing for all.

I support The Green Party’s policy of electoral reform. Because of the security of this seat for the Labour party, I have previously felt that it did not matter who I chose to vote for as the outcome was all most guaranteed. I believe that the system of proportional representation where every person’s vote counts will engage more people in politics. By standing for councillor I will endeavour to give the electorate of Hebburn the chance to vote for The Green Party and to feel that their vote matters and could help change the system to a fairer one.