South Tyneside Green Party | Tony Gair for Bede Councillor



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Candidate's supporting statement

I have been selected as the Green Party Councillor Candidate for Bede Ward, South Tyneside. I live in South Shields with my partner and young boy and I have started two successful local businesses involved in automated energy efficiency in homes. I am well aware of both the issues and challenges facing small business, and the difficulties today faced with finding worthwhile employment.

I joined the Green Party eight years ago, impressed with their grassroots democracy, their stands on equality on race, sex, sexual preference issues and I find their policies to improve social and economic fairness totally convincing. 

Other parties' determination to reinforce the establishment and instead discriminate and demonise The Disabled, Women, Migrants, the Underemployed and those whose religious choice is Islam, I find to be underhand and morally bankrupt. This has resolved me as a member of the Green Party to stand up for the hard won rights of free publically owned and accountable, Universal Health Care, Education, and the quality care of our Elderly whilst moving to a zero carbon economy which operates for its people rather than seeing them as a commodity to be farmed by an entrenched self-serving elite.