Elaine Francis

I was motivated to join our local Green Party in 2014 after becoming increasingly disillusioned with the state of local politics across South Tyneside along with the growing levels of inequality here and across the country. Greens offer common sense solutions to a whole range of economic and social problems and their structure is very much based in grass roots. This level of true democracy appealed to me after witnessing the authoritarian and oppressive way other political parties organise themselves and treat their members.

In 2018, I became the local Campaign Manager. I'm so proud to work with such a dedicated team of volunteers and activists who work hard all year round to create positive change across South Tyneside. Not only did we get our first green councillor elected in May 2019 but 1 in 5 voters right across South Tyneside voted Green. This just demonstrates that people are ready for the type of positive change us Greens offer but they also recognise that we put the work in and earn their votes.

I'm also our press and social media officer so please head over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and give us a follow!