South Tyneside Green Party's candidates for General Election 2017


David Herbert, the Green Party's General Election candidate for Jarrow


David's Statement:

My priority is to stop NHS destruction, halt privatisation and fund it properly. Privatisation has failed us. Railways, power and water companies should be run for the public good, by the public, not for profit. We would maintain education funding per pupil. We would not fund free, or grammar schools. Inequality is growing as billionaires increase their wealth while nurses visit food banks. We need a fair tax system which ensures everyone gets a fair share, and stamping out tax evasion that robs everyone. This will fund vital pubic services including free elderly social care, free nursery services for all children, council house building and better, cheaper public transport. We also need publically run local investment banks, to invest in local businesses, not property speculation that drives up housing costs.

An hourly £10 living wage will help working families make ends meet. Insulating homes reduces energy costs and poverty, while providing jobs. Training levels are low and we would guarantee alternative employment or training. Climate Change and Brexit are threats but also opportunities as we change to electrified transport systems, powered by renewable energy. We already have electric car and battery manufacture at Nissan and trains at Hitachi. The North Sea oil bonanza is dying. Our Labour candidate says Underground Coal Gasification is the answer even though it has failed whenever it has been tried. Wind turbines are successful all around the UK coastline and Tyneside is ideally placed to take advantage, with transferable facilities and skills from the oil industry. We need investment in wind turbine manufacture, solar power and battery storage that provide sustainable jobs. We need bold political vision and action to make it happen. South Tyneside deserves better and a vote for the Green Party is a vote for a bright green sustainable future.




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Shirley Ford, the Green Party's General Election candidate for South Shields


Shirley' Statement:

I am standing for real change for South Shields. We deserve better health services, school funding and jobs. I will continue to campaign to save our Hospital from having vital services closed and being moved to Sunderland. Our stroke unit has already gone and the next services under threat include maternity – there could be no more babies born in our hospital – and a full A&E as we know it. We must fund the NHS properly and stop privatisation and moves towards an American style insurance system, where people lose their homes to pay for treatment.

Our schools must have the funding they need. We cannot have head teachers sending letters asking parents to pay a monthly direct debit to fill the gap. Teachers and other staff are already being made redundant. We must stop the return of grammar schools, which would label the majority of our children failures at age 11. And stop the endless testing of our children and trust teachers to teach, by abolishing SATs and OFSTED.

Jobs that are secure, skilled and fairly paid must be created by restoring public services and investment in insulating homes – which also reduces energy bills – and industries like solar power, wind turbines and battery storage. We have huge opportunities as we leave the EU, if we get the right deal, to build strong local industries here. We must support local, small businesses through reducing costs like employers’ national insurance while increasing corporation tax for bigger companies.

We must end the scandal of many people who are in work having to rely on food banks and take steps to introduce a universal basic income, to increase security for all and reduce the poverty trap. I will work hard to give a voice to local people who believe that South Shields deserves better!




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