John Riley

South Tyneside  has done a disservice by a political establishment that, facing no opposition, has become unaccountable to the people it is supposed to represent. Since the election of a Green Party councillor in May 2019 the people of Beacon and Bents have had their voices heard through a councillor who has not been tied by a party whip. If I’m elected on the 7th May, the people of Cleadon Park can rest assured that their voices will be heard. Green councillors, unlike Labour councillors, aren’t constrained by party hierarchy and are free to act in the best interests of the community by taking on board views and concerns of residents to help revitalise our town, make sure that the interests of the residents of Cleadon Park are best served and save our vital health and social services as well as protecting the environment in the climate emergency by holding the ruling group to account.
John Riley: Cleadon Park Ward