Inaction of South Shields councillors. South Tyneside Deserves Better!

7 July 2017

South Tyneside Green Party members David Herbert and Shirley Ford outside South Tyneside District Hospital.




Inaction of South Shields councillors. South Tyneside Deserves Better!

Members of South Tyneside Green Party attended the public launch of the South Tyneside Hospital consultation at Jarrow Community Centre on Wednesday 5th July which is ironic as it also happens to be the 69th birthday of the NHS.

South Tyneside Greens have been part of the Save South Tyneside Hospital campaign from its inception. We're passionate about protecting local services and we believe that access to healthcare is a right not a privilege.

The plans presented to those at the meeting are extremely concerning and we believe that the people of South Tyneside deserve better. They deserve better services and they deserve better representation by their elected officials.

3 or 4 of the Jarrow councillors were there and we'd like to extend our thanks to them for their involvement in the campaign so far, however, we were shocked and angered that the leader of the council, Iain Malcolm, was not in attendance and neither were any of the South Shields councillors.

We are led to believe that Mr Malcolm did not attend due to a 'conflict of interests' between his position as chair of the Health and Wellbeing board and his position as an elected councillor and leader of the council. We strongly suggest that Mr Malcolm would not be able to enjoy the extra privileges garnered by being chair of another board had he not been elected by the voters of Horsley Hill ward to be their councillor and surely his responsibility to the voters of South Tyneside should far outweigh anything else.

We are also extremely concerned that none of the elected councillors of South Shields were in attendance. Surely it is their job to represent the residents who voted for them? They have not attended any of the Hospital campaign meetings and they have not made any public statements explicitly condemning the planned cuts to the vital services of stroke, maternity/gynae and children's emergency provision.

We're deeply concerned that if this proposed alliance goes ahead, it will make it far more difficult for the people of South Tyneside to access vital health services. In light of this, it is absolutely essential that the councillors elected by the people of South Shields stand up and represent the concerns of their constituents.

For more information about the Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign, visit:

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