Former Green Party leader helps locals to clean beach

29 October 2017




Former Green Party leader helps locals to clean beach


South Tyneside Greens welcomed former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett to the North East earlier this week. 

Natalie was in the region to support to a number of key local initiatives as well as addressing the Durham Union about the importance of Green ideas in Britain today.

On Monday, she found time to join around 20 local residents taking part in a #minibeachclean, an initiative promoted by Surfers Against Sewage and organised by South Tyneside Green Party.

The main aim of this beach clean was to highlight the amount of plastic waste that finds its way into our local waters or onto our beaches.

Natalie is calling for a ban on all single use plastics such as straws and cotton buds. She said:

”Just 15% of plastic is recycled, but recycling, while useful as an intermediate step, isn’t the answer. We need to stop making and using all unnecessary single-use plastics. We’re now producing more than 300 million tonnes a year, roughly equal to the weight of human beings on this Earth. We’ve created a plastic planet and we can’t afford to stuff even more of this dangerous material into it”

 David Francis, lead campaigner for South Tyneside Green Party said:

 “We have taken part in several beach-clean events at Littlehaven and we are always shocked at the amount of plastic waste spoiling our beautiful coastline. It is terrific that Natalie was able to join us to help raise awareness of this issue. By simply making slightly different choices, together we can achieve positive change to protect our environment.”

If you’re interested in organising your own #minibeachclean or you’re concerned about levels of rubbish or fly tipping in your area, South Tyneside Green Party would love to hear from you. Find them on social media, email at or text 07446258983

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