Nicky Gynn

I have four children and am an active grandmother of five. I am also involved in voluntary work, and love working in the garden.

I spent the last twenty years of my career working with young people with special educational needs, with the aim of giving them the skills to go onto further education. I worked with parents and carers to help their children access education.

I have lived in the North East for thirty-five years, and have lived in Harton for four years. I love the South Shields coast and the beautiful parks, and have made some wonderful friends. My partner was born and bred in South Shields.

I have been interested in the environment for many years. I attended Sunderland University in my thirties, and chose environmental studies as part of my teaching degree. I believe that our local environment has a huge influence on our quality of life and happiness, and if elected as your councillor, I will strive to make South Shields an even better place to live.

Nicky Gynn