Shirley Ford

Shirley Ford was the parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in South Shields in 2010, 2015 and 2017.
I have been a campaigner since I was a teenager, working for over ten years on human rights, peace and global poverty, including at War on Want. I joined the Green Party in 2004 when the dad of one of the young people at the deaf children’s youth club where I worked, was standing for the Greens. I looked at their policies and realised that they were exactly what I believe in, both social justice and protecting our environment.
Working in a local primary school office, I see every day the impact of the Government’s austerity programme. Four years ago I was part of starting the campaign to save our Hospital from having vital services closed and moved to Sunderland and we are still fighting!
It is wonderful to be part of our Green Team, working hard to get local councillors elected and to make a real difference to our borough – with the vital public services we all rely on and to tackle the climate emergency we all face.