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Candidate's supporting statement

I am extremely proud to be representing the area in which myself and five generations of my family have lived, as the Whitburn and Marsden candidate for The Green Party. From growing up and living in Whitburn Village I understand how special our area and community is and I want to help to support and retain our community needs and values.

I run a graphic and website design business. I set up my business after being made redundant from my role as a researcher. I’m currently completing a PhD, having completed a degree and masters at The University of Sunderland. I have a 19 year old son, who will also be starting university this year. Having worked and studied within higher education for over ten years, I am an advocate for education and the benefits it brings to society. It disturbs me that under our current government young people trying to better themselves are starting out in life with debts so large that they will be repaying them over a vast proportion of their working life. That's why I am standing for the Green Party - our policy is to end tuition fees to make education both attainable and worthwhile.

I also support the Green Party commitment to social housing. In Whitburn there is ongoing construction of a housing development scheme of 4/5 bedroom properties. These properties are not for the majority of Whitburn and Marsden residents. Whitburn and Marsden need affordable, rentable social housing so that people who were born and raised in the area can choose to remain residents and the building of unaffordable and unattainable housing needs to cease. If elected as a councillor, I will also work to create the desperately needed social housing.

An additional concern I have is the privatisation of the National Health Service. We need to protect the NHS for our families, and ourselves by ensuring it remains under public ownership and reverse the privatisation that has already taken place. “Only the Green Party will ensure that the NHS remains of the people for the people.”

Previously, I wouldn’t have considered myself to be a particularly political person, but having both experienced and witnessed family and friends (both in and out of work) struggling to survive from day to day and seeing nothing getting better for the average person, I know that something has to change and I do not trust those currently in power to do it for us. I am part of the massive surge of people who have come to the realisation that those currently making decisions on our behalf do not know us, do not represent us and do not have our best interests at heart. “Politics with integrity” sums up the reason why I joined The Green Party. If you also believe that a dramatic change is needed in your area and the UK, then please join me to support your local Green Party by voting Green in 2015.