South Tyneside Green Party | David Herbert for Biddick & All Saints ward





Candidate's supporting statement

I have lived in the North East all my life and in what is now South Tyneside for all but 7 years when I lived in Washington. My working life started in coal mining at Boldon Colliery and then at Newcastle City Council largely in construction. I am therefore well aware of the problems that South Tyneside and the region have faced over decades and the scant support we have received from successive governments of all colours. The Green Party has a very different set of policies than the others and is centred on localism and devolving decision making down to the lowest levels possible thus empowering councils that know their local needs much better than central government. Where Green Party councillors have been elected they have proved very effective in promoting policies for the common good, for example free insulation for homes in Kirklees. If I were fortunate enough to be elected as a councillor for Biddick and All Saints my priorities would be to;

  • Form an integrated public transport system that is efficient and cheaper
  • Improve housing stock through initiatives such as improved insulation
  • Make vocational education and apprenticeships available to all that need them.
  • Promote the establishment of high speed broadband throughout the region
  • Promote and support local small and medium sized businesses
  • Ensure NHS services are protected and adequate for community needs including the Jarrow Walk in Centre
  • Encourage installation of renewable energy particularly community backed systems.