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Candidate's supporting statement

I am extremely proud to be representing The Green Party for the Monkton Ward. I live in South Tyneside and have worked as a teacher in Hebburn for over twelve years. During this time, I have had the privilege of working with many caring and considerate children and adults who live in the community.

At work, I witnessed how teachers strive to give the best possible education to the pupils in their care whilst being bombarded with unrealistic demands, burgeoning workloads and rising class sizes. At present, teaching and learning are too often dominated by meeting targets and ticking boxes which cause a great deal of unnecessary pressure and hinder the enjoyment of learning. The Green Party are committed to each young person having access to a quality education at every stage that provides the knowledge and full range of skills required to participate fully in society and lead a fulfilled life. To enable people to achieve their educational goals, The Green Party pledge to scrap university tuition fees so Higher Education is not reserved for the privileged few.

Unfortunately, due to ill health I could no longer work and found myself struggling physically and financially. After turning to the welfare state for support, I was stunned by the unnecessary complexity and lack of financial security and support offered by the current benefits system as well as a lack of good job opportunities offered to those who wanted to work. I want to be able to do something to challenge the system which aims to support those who need benefits to afford to live. It is clear to see that many people are struggling with the rising cost of living. The number of people classed as homeless has risen and an ever increasing number of people are not being paid a decent living wage and are relying on benefits to subsidise their income. The Green Party’s policies put the public first and aim to create an economy that gives everyone their fair share. They aim to pay for this by introducing a new wealth tax on the top 1% of earners as well as creating over one million jobs that pay at least a living wage. Only The Green Party has pledged to raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour, more than any other major party.

I have used many services in the NHS and have been very impressed with the level of support given by the professionals I met. I know many NHS employees and have witnessed their frustration at trying to deliver the best possible level of service whilst being affected by cuts and senseless targets. Due to privatisation, NHS jobs are no longer secure. The Green Party wants to end the privatisation of the NHS and restore it to a publically funded organisation with patients, not profits, at its heart.

I do not consider myself a political person but a person who cares about others and believes strongly that everyone has the right to be able to live in a fair and equal society. Britain is one of the wealthiest nations in the world but this wealth isn’t shared fairly leading to inequality and a strong mistrust of the major political parties. The Green Party want to restore this and make a fairer, more equal society with the interests of the people, not the privileged few, at its heart. By voting for The Green Party, you are making a positive statement that you would like to change the current political system to determine a better future.