South Tyneside Green Party | Matthew Giles for Hebburn North ward





Candidate's supporting statement

I’ve lived in Hebburn virtually all my life. I was previously in the local Labour Party for four years, where for a part of that time I was Youth Officer. Labour left me, as opposed to me leaving Labour; it ceases to be the party it advertises itself as. If you look at The Green Party's manifesto it contains all the policies that you would think Labour would stand for and far more, but no longer does. I joined the Greens because we are changing the game of consensus politics started by Thatcher and shamefully continued under Blair.

For the last two years I have been campaigning with various anti-austerity, anti-war & racism groups all over the UK. Highlights of this being taking part in the People’s March for the NHS, which started in Jarrow, and being one of the main organisers behind the recent counter demo against the Islamophobic Pegida.

I now want to represent where I’m from and to do good by local residents. If elected I will become an ‘Activist Councillor’ using my position to continue to put pressure on those who seek do us harm by taking away our public services and spread hate and discrimination in our communities. I’m not some fly by night candidate who only turns up during election time, I will devote every second of my time to effecting change.

One of my most important campaigns, and one that is personal to me, is to bring back the ‘Social Security’ into the welfare system and to protect unemployed, disabled and vulnerable from being victims of a system which currently has little to no regard for the people it serves, leading many into worse situations; including taking their own life. This is not acceptable in the UK in the 21st century, we can do so much better. This is from personal experience as I was unemployed for a year and a half after leaving Uni.

I am also passionate about saving OUR NHS. 49% of it has already been sold off to private firms that put profit before patient care. The most immediate threat in our area is the unnecessary closure of Jarrow Walk In Centre. Labour are unlikely to improve things and their other commitments to continue to allow private companies to bid for contracts and the enormously expensive PFI schemes that have plunged hospitals into debt are not encouraging.


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