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Candidate's supporting statement

I am extremely proud and honoured to be representing the Primrose area in Jarrow for The Green Party. I have lived in South Tyneside most of my life, I was born in South Shields and am now currently living in Hebburn with my wife.

I work for the NHS as a clinical psychologist, treating people with common mental health problems. As such, I have seen first hand the impact that the cuts to local councils and the continued privatisation of the NHS have had on the lives of societies most vulnerable people. The Green Party is opposed to the policy of privatisation of the NHS which is being followed by the other major parties as this will inevitably put profits ahead of patients needs. We also aim to make mental health a much higher priority to help end the stigmatisation and underfunding that has been the hallmark of mental health provision in much of the country.

In my role as a psychologist and as a South Tyneside resident, I have noticed how a significant proportion of people in our area are struggling to afford a decent living standard. Only the Green Party has pledged to raise the minimum wage to £10 per hour, more than any other party, as well as building more social housing that is so desperately needed.

I support The Green Party’s policy of electoral reform. As a resident of one of the safest Labour Party seats in the country, I have often felt that it did not matter who I chose to vote for as the outcome was all but certain. I support a move towards a system of proportional representation where every person’s vote counts. By standing for councillor, I am giving the residents of Primrose the chance to vote for The Green Party and to feel that their vote matters.