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Candidate's supporting statement

I am thrilled and privileged to be standing as the Green Party candidate for Cleadon Park. Having lived in the area for 15 years I feel certain that I can faithfully represent the views and aspirations of the Cleadon Park ward on South Tyneside council. Our democracy is changing, with more people than ever feeling disillusioned with politics and politicians. The Green Party is offering a comprehensive and inspiring alternative to the current political stagnation. Ours is a fully democratic party, willing and able to stand up for ordinary people of all ages, working or otherwise, the disadvantaged and those dispossessed by the Westminster elite and its obsessive focus on austerity. We believe in public services for the public good, free healthcare and education of the highest standard, as well as integrity at all levels of public office. My background as a scientist and medical researcher at Newcastle University provides me with extensive insight into the workings of our institutions and healthcare system. I aim to work to enhance the services available to the people of South Tyneside by encouraging more investment in early years provision and integration of social care with the NHS. As a parent to teenage boys and an educator I am impressed by some of the excellent schools and facilities provided by South Tyneside, although there continues to be room for improvement. I pledge to support the development of South Tyneside education by working to bring all schools back under local authority control, accountable to the electorate and not a distant Westminster department. We have to work together to support and nurture our young people who represent the future. This is a pivotal election, and we stand for a positive change in politics at the local and national level. If you believe that the time has come for a change, please support your local Green Party.